A selection of case studies

CASE STUDYNew York Civil Liberties Union

Sparking a Conversation Around Policing in NYC

CASE STUDYThe Rockefeller Foundation

Designing Waste Out of the Food System

CASE STUDYCenter for NYC Neighborhoods

Preparing New Yorkers for Future Flooding

CASE STUDYNemours Children’s Hospital

A Hospital Centered on the Patient Experience

CASE STUDYThe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Giving Ed Tech Entrepreneurs a Window into the Classroom

CASE STUDYThe National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Building a Birth Control Support Network for Women


Redesigning Death

CASE STUDYThe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

From Libraries to Learning Labs

CASE STUDYCalifornia Health Care Foundation

Making Health Insurance Enrollment Easy

CASE STUDYThe San Francisco Department of Emergency Management

Designing a City Emergency Plan

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