Hello, I’m Yuriko Yamaguchi

Design Research Lead,IDEO Tokyo

山口 由利子

IDEO Tokyoのデザイン・リサーチ・リード。ヘルスケア、ビューティー、モビリティ、ワークなど、様々な領域の課題に対してエキサイティングな切り口を見出し、 主客一体となってものづくりできる場を目指す。人の言動から細やかなニーズやニュアンスを捉え、ストーリーテリングで新たな視点をもたらすことにやりがいを感じる。



Yuriko is a Design Research Lead at IDEO Tokyo. She discovers exciting approaches to design challenges in areas such as healthcare, beauty, mobility, and work, while striving to overcome subject-object binaries for all people to get creative. Her passion is to capture specific needs and nuances from people’s words and actions, introducing new perspectives through storytelling.

In her former work at Flamingo, as a brand consultant specialising in semiotics, she has worked on various projects spanning from brand positioning to innovation to experience design using cultural insights.

Yuriko has a Liberal Arts BA and a Global Studies MA in Japan Studies from Sophia University with research focus on Postwar Japanese Art History. She likes to go trail running on weekends and has a daily habit of writing tanka poetry.

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