Hello, I’m Tomoya Mori

Business Design Lead,IDEO Play Lab

森 智也

IDEOのPlay Labに所属するビジネスデザイナーとして、遊びの原理を戦略デザインに活かしながら企業のイノベーションをサポート。異なる分野同士を繋げることで生まれる価値や視点を大切にし、その発見を戦略デザインとして具現化することに努める。


Tomoya Mori is a Business Design Lead at IDEO Play Lab, where he works at the intersection of technology, science and business design. He is constantly looking out for hidden connections between seemingly unrelated subjects, and strives to turn them into viable and impactful innovation—be it new business models, experiences or brand strategies.

Prior to IDEO, Tomoya was a business development officer at ispace, a Tokyo-based space startup, where he helped the company establish its global identity and worked on the commercialization of lunar exploration missions.

Tomoya spent his early years in the USA, Japan and Switzerland. He holds a degree in Astronomy from Brown University.

Outside of work, Tomoya is a freelance science writer with a vision to make outer space more accessible to the public.

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