Hello, I’m Takumi Kitamura

Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist,IDEO Tokyo

北村 拓海




As a Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist, Takumi is responsible for communicating IDEO Tokyo’s stories and culture. His interest lies with communities and people of different passions and backgrounds, aspiring to be a catalyst for change for both listeners and storytellers.

With a strong interest in "cities" as places where the global and local intersect and diverse values swirl, Takumi worked as a shop staff at Monocle magazine and with the landscape developer Mori Building. At Mori’s Public Relationships office he contributed to launching Mori’s owned media, planned numerous events and maintained the developer’s international relationships. Most recently he led a new project centered on residential sales in collaboration with a foreign luxury hotel brand.

As an inaugural-class student of Sophia University's Faculty of Global Studies, Takumi majored in International Politics and minored in Cultural Anthropology. On weekends, he enjoys touring Tokyo by bicycle, observing how the city changes, and meeting its residents.

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