Hello, I’m Ryoko Baba

Senior Design Researcher,IDEO Tokyo

馬場 りょう子

IDEO Tokyoでシニア・デザイン・リサーチャーを務める。クリエーティブな企画立案、ストーリーテリングを得意とする。



Ryoko Baba is a Senior Design Researcher at IDEO Tokyo. After majoring in Cognitive Linguistics at Keio University, Ryoko started her career as a Copywriter after graduation. Following this, she has worked in Communication Planning for various global brands and major agencies within Japan.

Ryoko specializes in Creative Planning and Storytelling. To refine her craft, she later studied Service Design at the London College of Communication (LCC) in order to engage in more user-centered solutional development. Ryoko loves the process of digging deeper into people's behavioral principles and using the insights gained to generate and deliver new ideas.

In her private life, Ryoko is a caretaker of her son and her dog. Outside of work, she enjoys playing the piano, handcrafting flowers and embroidery, and camping in secluded places.

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