Hello, I’m Riho Maruyama

Business Design Lead,IDEO Tokyo

丸山 莉穂

ビジネス・デザイン・リードとして、デザインとビジネスの交点で活動する。顧客視点のリサーチから得られた発見を大切にし、それらを持続可能なビジネスアイデアへと進化させることに務める。前職のBain & Companyでは、中長期戦略からプライベート・エクイティによるM&Aまで、さまざまなプロジェクトに参画し、幅広い業界のクライアントの企業価値向上に貢献した。


Riho is a Business Design Lead at IDEO Tokyo, where she works at the intersection of design and business. She values discoveries derived from a customer centric research, and is dedicated to evolve them into a viable and sustainable business idea.
In her previous position as a manager at Bain & Company, she participated in numerous projects on topics ranging from medium- to long-term strategy to private equity M&A’s, and worked to enhance the corporate value of clients in a wide range of industries.

She holds a B.A. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and an MBA from INSEAD Business School. Through her life and education abroad, she saw how Japan is perceived globally, and has gained a strong interest in further promoting Japanese culture.

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