Hello, I’m Maho Sakuma

Experience Specialist,IDEO Tokyo

佐久間 真穂

IDEO Tokyo のエクスペリエンス・スペシャリストを務めるMaho は、食、ホスピタリティと人に深い関心を持ち、職場の文化とコミュニティ体験のデザインと向上に尽力している。



Maho Sakuma is IDEO Tokyo’s Experience Specialist. She brings a deep interest in food, hospitality and people to uphold and elevate the workplace culture and community experience at our studio.

Prior to joining IDEO, Maho worked as an International Liaison at Transit General Office, where she produced and managed various international restaurants including bills, The Pig & The Lady and Xiringuito Escriba. Before this, she also worked at Kirin Corporation, where she sold beer and non-alcoholic beverages to local supermarkets.

Maho spent her early years in Portugal, USA and Japan. She holds a B.S. in Policy Management from Keio University. On the weekends, you can find her in the mountains or exploring local neighborhoods: either looking for a new place to eat or to find interesting galleries to visit.

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