Hello, I’m Lei Takase

Business Design Lead

高瀬 黎

スタンフォード大学のd.schoolにてコース・アシスタント、IDEOサンフランシスコのCoLabにてCircular Economyポートフォリオの事業拡大、デザイン・スプリントの運営経験を持つ。また、三菱商事にて、女性活躍・グローバル人事施策の構築・導入を担当。

Lei is a Business Design Lead at IDEO Tokyo, where she works at the intersection of design and business. She is dedicated to exploring new concepts and business opportunities that springs from bringing out the best of differences. Prior to IDEO Tokyo, she helped teach a d.school course as a course assistant at Stanford and worked at IDEO CoLab in San Francisco on its Circular Economy portfolio, helping develop new businesses and run design sprints. Lei began her career at Mitsubishi Corporation where she designed and implemented D&I initiatives and global HR measures. Lei holds a BA in Japanese Language and Literature from University of Tokyo and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is constantly on the look for new adventures whether that be exploring cultural heritage sites or reconnecting with nature.

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