Hello, I’m Koko Takatori

Design Research Lead,IDEO Tokyo

髙取 孝光



Koko is a Design Research Lead at IDEO Tokyo. Always keen on exploring the factors that affect human mind and behavior, she is passionate about empowering people through design. Given her multicultural upbringing, not only is she dedicated to uncovering cultural insights unique to Japan, but also finds joy in discovering universal insights and values that are applicable across cultures. Prior to IDEO, Koko worked as a R&D division manager at a cosmetics company, where she led a wide range of projects from human subject research on beauty and health to design and development of a skincare counseling system.

Koko holds a BA in Psychology from Wellesley College and MSc in Health Sciences Informatics-Research from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She is also a certified scientific illustrator.
In her free time, she enjoys taking long strolls while snapping shots of street cats, drawing in pen and ink, and singing along while strumming a tune on her guitar.

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