Hello, I’m Koeun Chung

Tech Specialist,IDEO Tokyo


IDEO TokyoのTech Specialistを務める。東京のほか、国外のスタジオの技術管理もサポートし、ポジティブな変化を生み出すために新しいテクノロジーを推進し、社員のデジタルツール体験をより便利なものにすることに関心を持つ。



Koeun Chung is our Tech Specialist at IDEO Tokyo, also working simultaneously to support our global locations with tech administration. Her interest lies in driving new technologies to create positive change, and to make our employee’s experience with digital tools more convenient.

Prior to IDEO, Koeun worked within H&M Group for Northeast Asia, covering the scope for both Japan and South Korea with day-to-day tech operations. Koeun also holds over 10 years of professional experience working within IT at a global engineering company.

Having majored in chemistry in college with a strong interest in science, Koeun appreciates the impact and importance this has on human interaction, and aims to incorporate these interests with her work in the technology sphere. In her own time, Koeun enjoys learning about and supporting DEI initiatives, with a particular passion towards gender equality.

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