Hello, I’m Kenta Kondo

Senior Mechanical Engineer,IDEO Tokyo

近藤 謙汰

IDEO Tokyoのシニア・メカニカル・エンジニア。ワクワクするような直感的なインタラクションを、複雑なエンジニアリングソリューションに統合すること(そうしなければ、人間らしさが失われてしまう)に情熱を注ぐ。




Kenta is a Senior Mechanical Engineer at IDEO Tokyo. He is passionate about integrating delightful and intuitive interactions with complex engineering solutions that would otherwise leave humans out of scope.

Before IDEO, Kenta worked on developing household consumer products, from creating low and high-fidelity prototypes, to designing product architectures and conducting R+D experiments. At his last workplace, he specifically made things that suck (vacuum cleaners). He loves making abstract ideas tangible and you can most probably find him in our makerspace at any time.

Kenta holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University. He enjoys making random things over the weekend, finding knick-knacks at local thrift stores, and taking midnight strolls while listening to Tokumaru Shuugo.

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