Hello, I’m Kensuke Koshijima

Data Science Design Lead,IDEO Tokyo

越島 健介

IDEO Tokyoのデータ・サイエンス・デザイン・リードを務める。データの取得の仕方、そしてその活用の仕方をサービスやプロダクトのデザインと同時に考えて設計することによって、データを通じて新しい体験を生みだすことや、人間の営みをより豊かにスムーズにすることを目指している。




Kensuke is a Data Science Design Lead at IDEO Tokyo. Using data as a medium, Kensuke strives to design and develop new product and service experiences to improve people’s lives.

Kensuke grew up in New York and prior to joining IDEO, he worked at Recruit Holdings in Tokyo as a data scientist and team leader. At Recruit he led multiple projects, from bidding optimization systems for digital ads, to improving search engines for part-time jobs, to creating new recommendation features for job seekers.

Kensuke holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and Bioscience. Outside of work, Kensuke is a music lover, and has been the keyboardist/composer for a Tokyo-based hip-hop band for more than 10 years.

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