Hello, I’m Kenji Izumi

Design Research Lead,IDEO Tokyo

泉 謙治

IDEO Tokyoでデザイン・リサーチ・リードを務める。様々な文化が混在する環境で育ったバックグラウンドから、異なるさまざまな視点への高い共感力を身につけ、人々のニーズに調和した形で応えることを追求している。



Kenji is a Design Research Lead at IDEO Tokyo. Growing up in a mixed-culture environment, Kenji developed an elevated sense of empathy towards different points of views in the pursuit of answering people’s needs in a harmonious way.

Kenji combines experiences ranging from business through to design and user research. After starting his career in investment banking, he expanded his expertise to product design and user research by applying a combination of business and creativity to develop future products and businesses in the automotive industry. This unique background has helped him understand and speak the language of users, designers and the corporate world.

Kenji studied Environmental Information and Policy Management with a focus on Econometrics at Keio University, followed by Product Design at Kuwasawa Design School. He enjoys discovering new cultures through travel and cooking, and is inspired daily by seeing his two sons grow up quite differently from one another.

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