Hello, I’m Kaoru Tanaka

Senior Design Director,IDEO Tokyo

田仲 薫



Kaoru is a Senior Design Director at IDEO Tokyo. With a multidisciplinary background in user experience, branding, marketing, design research, and service design, Kaoru helps clients and teams navigate through the complexities of strategy and execution. He designs from concept to launch and has a passion in creating ideas that integrate online and offline experiences to make everyday life little more enjoyable. Kaoru enjoys bringing different types of people together to co-design and collectively think through challenges. He has hosted workshops for a number of prominent Japanese institutions including METI, JEN, Keio University, Kyoto University, and Tokyo University. Prior to IDEO, he worked on branding for domestic and global companies at Hakuhodo Inc., where he led joint initiatives with IDEO since 2006.

Kaoru studied Environmental Information, Media Literacy, and Computer Graphics at Keio University. Having grown up in Japan, Hawaii, and New York, Kaoru finds inspiration in cooking and cycling.

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