Hello, I’m Joe Brown

Senior Portfolio Director,IDEO San Francisco

I lead teams in designing new products & services and help companies build the muscles to do that work themselves.

Full Bio

Joe is a Senior Design Lead & Business Designer at IDEO’s San Francisco studio and likes to jump into the deep end. He loves multi-pronged, multi-stakeholdered problems like, How might we make flight delays easier for passengers and simpler for airlines? Or, How might we design a middle school that ignites students, invites parents, and nurtures young teachers? Or, How might we redesign our software to rekindle passion in both our customers and employees?

Prior to IDEO, Joe taught courses in Marketing and Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he also earned his MBA. Before that, he edited textbooks for the SAT, moonlighted as an interaction designer, and sold art in several New York galleries.

Joe likes finger painting as much as he likes financial modeling, but his true passions are donuts, robots, and pulp crime novels.

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