Hello, I’m Jan Rod

Design Director,IDEO Tokyo


IDEO Tokyoのデザイン・ディレクターであるヤンは、ヒューマン・コンピュータ・インタラクションのバックグラウンドを持ち、プロトタイピングに情熱を注ぐ。




Jan is Design Director with a background in Human-Computer Interaction and a passion for prototyping.

Prior to IDEO Jan designed innovative products and services, including an award-winning wearable payment device for UK startup McLear, and an integrated control system for tele-operated humanoid robots for Japanese startup Telexistence. Throughout his academic career, he authored numerous scientific papers and holds several patents in the U.S. and Japan.

Jan holds a BA in philosophy and MA in semiotics from Charles University in Prague and a PhD in Media Design from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design.

When not working in the studio, Jan can be found practicing Japanese martial art Kendo or raising his baby daughter to be a kind and amazing human being.

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