Hello, I’m Hiromi Hayashihara

Design Researcher,IDEO Tokyo

林原 広実

IDEO Tokyoにて、デザインリサーチャーを務める。人に寄り添うリサーチを通して、チームやクライアントの心を動かすインサイトを導き出し、新しいビジネスや顧客体験を創り出すためのよきパートナーとなることを目指している。




Hiromi Hayashihara is a Design Researcher at IDEO Tokyo. She aims to be a good partner in creating new business and customer experiences by deriving inspiring insights for her team and clients through human centered research.

Prior to joining IDEO, Hiromi worked as a management consultant at Nomura Research Institute, where she contributed to business strategy and new business development projects, primarily for manufacturing companies. Her responsibilities included field research in Japan and abroad, including China, Thailand and India, and digital service development in close collaboration with engineers and designers.

Hiromi holds a BA in Political Science from Waseda University in Tokyo. Seeking inspiration and new stimulation for the senses, she often visits India, where she relishes the climate and the aroma of spices. In her private time, she enjoys baking and visiting museums.

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