Hello, I’m Daisuke Yukita

Interaction Design Lead,IDEO Tokyo

油木田 大祐

IDEO Tokyoのインタラクション・デザイン・リード。ヒトに優しいインタフェースや体験のデザイン、そして「つくる」行為を通じて全ての人のクリエイティビティを解き放つことに情熱を注ぐ。IDEO入社前は、クリエイティブスタジオdot by dotに勤務。日本のさまざまな学校でモノづくりやプロトタイピングを教えている。



Daisuke "Dice" Yukita is an Interaction Design Lead at IDEO Tokyo. He is passionate about designing interfaces and experiences that are kind to humans, and unleashing creativity out of people through the act of making. Before coming to IDEO, Dice worked at dot by dot, a creative studio in Tokyo. He has also been teaching design and prototyping at various schools in Japan.

Dice holds a BE in Computer Science and an MA in Media Design from Keio University. He also completed the Global Innovation Design (GID) program with RCA and Pratt Institute. When he's not working he likes to surf or make weird things at home. He also secretly holds a nursery teacher license.

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