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Hello, I’m Daisuke Yukita

Interaction Design Lead, IDEO Tokyo

油木田 大祐

IDEO Tokyoのインタラクション・デザイン・リード。遊び心のあるユーザーエクスペリエンス、「つくる」ことを通じて人のクリエイティビティを解き放つことに情熱を注ぐ。IDEO入社前は、東京のデジタルデザインスタジオ dot by dotに勤務していた。また、日本の様々な学校でデザイン思考を教え、ファシリテーションを行った経験を持つ。



Daisuke “Dice” Yukita is an Interaction Design Lead at IDEO Tokyo. He is passionate about designing playful user experiences and unleashing creativity out of people through the act of making. Before coming to IDEO, Dice worked at dot by dot, a digital design studio in Tokyo. He has also taught and facilitated design thinking at many schools in Japan.

Dice holds a BE in Computer Science from Keio University and an MA in Media Design from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design. He also completed the Global Innovation Design (GID) program with RCA and Pratt Institute. When he’s not working he likes to make a cup of coffee on mountaintops or make weird things at home.


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