Hello, I’m Ana Arriola-Kanada

Co-Managing Director,IDEO Tokyo

アリオーラ金田 アンナ

IDEO Tokyoのマネジング・ディレクターを務める。ブランド、人間中心のプロダクトデザイン、プロダクトマネジメントにおける数十年の経験と専門知識を生かし、受賞歴のあるプロダクトやサービスを市場に送り出してきた。これまで、Apple、PlayStation、Sony、Theranos、Samsung、Adobe、Meta、Microsoftにおいて、分野横断的な工業デザイン・CMFチーム、ビジュアル・インタラクティブデザイン、プロダクトマネジメントを率い、起業家として2つのスタートアップの創設者でもある。



Ana is co-Managing Director at IDEO Tokyo. She has brought award-winning products and services to market, leveraging decades of experience and expertise in brand, human-centered product design, and product management. Previously, Ana has led multidisciplinary industrial design & CMF teams, visual & interactive design, and product management at Apple, PlayStation, Sony, Theranos, Samsung, Adobe, Meta, and Microsoft and is also an entrepreneur and founder of two startups. 

Ana is an autodidact, a lifelong academic learner, and an explorer. She first came to live in Japan at 15, graduating high school early and starting her design career in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. 

When not building products, crafting experiences, or consulting with clients on their inclusive futures, she shoots street photography with her Leica and cooks gourmet meals for her family and friends. She is a queer Latine, a Women’s rights and LGBTQIA+ human rights spokeswoman, and a mother of four.

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