Hello, I’m Alisa Kögel

Interaction Designer,IDEO Tokyo

クーゲル 有咲

IDEO Tokyoでインタラクション・デザイナーを務める。デジタルと物理が交わる場に関心を持ち、人間中心主義を唱えながら、技術懐疑論に対抗するために活動している。インタラクション・デザイナーとして、未来が刺激的でイノベーティブかつ責任あるものであるために、自分の仕事をどのように進化させるかを常に考えている。



Alisa is an Interaction Designer at IDEO Tokyo. Her interest lies in the friction point of where digital meets physical. She works to fight techno-skepticism while championing human-centricity. As an interaction designer, Alisa constantly thinks about how to evolve the practice so that the future is exciting, innovative, and responsible. 

Prior to joining IDEO, Alisa worked at DLX Design Lab at the University of Tokyo and designed deployable innovations inspired by the research emerging from the institution. She took on multiple mobility design projects as well as spending some time teaching and writing about the intersection of science and design. 

Alisa holds a MA & MSc in Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Outside of work, she enjoys making miniature scale models of classic cars, cooking and surfing.

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