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The Challenge

Create the pleasure of a Brooks saddle without the painful break-in time.


The Cambium C17, a seat with traditional durability—and instant comfort.

When Brooks England decided to design its first new bike saddle in decades, it was essential that the design pay respect to the company’s heritage. Known for its craftsmanship, durable products, and quirky British insistence on doing things differently, Brooks has earned fierce loyalty from cyclists. But IDEO discovered a group of riders who were more in love with the idea of a Brooks saddle than the reality of having to earn a perfect fit on leather seats for your derriere over time.

Together, Brooks and IDEO created the Cambium C17, a seat that provides the same durability as traditional Brooks leather, but offers instant comfort and weather protection with a new material made of vulcanized natural rubber with a layer of woven organic cotton fused to the top. The winner of the Eurobike Gold Award upon launch in 2013, the C17 respects the essence of Brooks while reawakening the company's inventive spirit.

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