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The Challenge

Help Swarovski reinvent the classic crystal chandelier


A new collection of tech-enabled light fixtures called Infinite Aura, paired with Swarovski Infinite Control—a custom mobile app

For half a century, Swarovski has crafted iconic chandeliers dripping with the brand’s signature crystals. With the rise of new interface technology, the company came to IDEO for help to design the chandelier of the future.

IDEO designers set out to create beautiful, emotional experiences by layering technology onto Swarovski’s lighting offerings. Whether it’s setting the tone for a sophisticated retail experience, creating subtle ambiance at a romantic dinner for two, or providing true quality light to read a book, the team considered how a chandelier can enrich personal moments throughout the day.

Swarovski and IDEO assembled a multidisciplinary group, including industrial and UX designers, brand experts, and engineers to quickly vet, build, test, and refine their ideas.

Together, the team designed a new tech-infused chandelier and family of other light fixtures. At first glance, the chandelier resembles a simple, sleek metal disc. But when you turn it on and peer inside, an endless number of crystals swirl far into the distance—an Infinite Aura.

The Infinite Aura collection also includes pendant and wall lights. The team developed a mobile app that proactively modifies light settings based on the time of day, and also lets users customize their experience—including adjusting brightness and color to set a personal mood, or “Aura.”

Peer inside the chandelier to see crystals extending into infinity, and customize your lighting experience using the Swarovski mobile app.

Unlike most fixtures, Infinite Aura doesn’t just give off ambient light; families can also benefit from high-quality functional light, directed downward to help them focus on a task or diffused upward and downward to create a subtle ambiance. In a similar way, the chandelier can expertly illuminate a library, hotel lobby, or concert hall.

Families can benefit from both ambient and functional light to brighten any occasion.

Swarovski heritage, craftsmanship, and mastery of light are truly defined in the Infinite Aura collection. Partnering with IDEO, we’ve reimagined the role of lighting today—combining leading-edge contemporary design, broad functionality, proprietary technology, and a personalized user experience.

Roger Carthew, Senior Vice President, Swarovski Lighting

The new lighting line adds greater functionality and emotional resonance to today’s smart buildings, while retaining Swarovski’s timeless elegance. Infinite Aura debuted in Frankfurt, Germany in March and will be available internationally in fall 2018.

Designers from IDEO and Swarovski worked together to completely reimagine the crystal chandelier.

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