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The Challenge

Help kids develop awareness of their creative control.


Monster Moves, an app that allows kids to create their own dance party.

Monster Moves is an app that gives kids the ability to create their very own monster dance party. Kid-approved by a rambunctious team of tiny beta testers, the app encourages children 5 and younger to exercise their creativity as they choreograph dance moves for a troupe of monsters. Kids develop an awareness of their creative control by sequencing illustrated tiles that correspond to each monster’s unique set of dance moves.

Whether it’s a twirl, flap, swing, or sway, the app enables kids to cultivate decision-making skills by drawing connections between their choices and the monsters’ dance steps. Each monster has a full repertoire of dance moves and accompanying musical beats, so kids can compose an original soundtrack and dance along. To encourage kids around the world to create and design, the app is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Monster Moves—available on the App Store—joins a collection of apps, including Balloonimals and Balloonimal Babies, created by IDEO’s Play Lab, made up of a team of educators, designers and toy experts who foster kids’ curiosity, play, imagination, and creative confidence.

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