Big QuestionsOur work related to complex challenges.

The Challenge

Update and modernize the branding and retail experience of a well-established telecom brand.


A complete blueprint for the next generation of stores, services, and roles.

Space design moves from public to personal experience.

How does a 130-year-old telecom company in Bogotá appeal to a tech-savvy generation without alienating its most loyal customers? Faced with growing competition, ETB, Colombia’s oldest telecom business, wanted to modernize its entire retail shopping experience and update its branding.

The company enlisted IDEO’s help in leveraging its already highly regarded brand. IDEO created a complete blueprint for the next generation of retail centers, including in-store spaces, digital services, and new personnel role descriptions. ETB’s new retail stores are warm and bright, and self-service kiosks eliminate the need for waiting in line. The company’s brand also got a face-lift with a new color palette and brand manual.

"Working closely with IDEO, we accomplished all of our goals,” said Vice President Carlos Alberto Gómez García, “from creating organizational change to reimagining interactions with our customers to evolving the brand identity of ETB."

Retail and Hospitality
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