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The Challenge

Design a CT scanner console to improve tech’s workflow, image quality and patient experience.


Hospitals using the new scanners are getting technicians up and running in 24 hours.


A console user interface that helps both junior and senior technicians improve efficiency without sacrificing safety and efficacy.

The new interface allows multiple operations to run simultaneously.

Operating a CT scanner is a delicate balancing act: The tech has to get a clear image for accurate diagnosis while reducing the patient’s overall radiation exposure. There are a lot of variables, and every second counts.

GE Healthcare, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of CT scanners, hired IDEO to redesign the console user interface to optimize the tech’s workflow, the patient experience, and the image quality. The key challenge was accommodating both junior and senior tech experience when designing a single interface, balancing support, flexibility and control. The final design allows techs to see their entire workflow up front, is optimized for “glanceability,” and draws technicians’ attention to important information. Threshold limits ensure the radiation dose never exceeds the determined amount. Ultimately, the streamlined design enables the tech to feel confident and focus on the patient’s physical and emotional well-being.

With several new hospitals using the new GE CT scanner, the impact has been evident. Within 24 hours, techs are up and running on the machines. The vision for the future looks bright and clear.

Overall, the experience was absolutely fantastic. GEHC not only delivered a world-class product with a tremendous success in the marketplace, but as an organization, we learned the principles of design thinking, establishing the foundations for a terrific roadmap of customer-centered innovations.

J. Gustavo Perez-Fernandez, President & CEO of Surgery at GE Healthcare

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