How We Can Help Technology to Be Good

Jul 3, 2018

We all have love-hate relationships with those buzzing bricks of aluminum in our pockets. On the one hand, they have the incredible power to connect us to people, information, and knowledge. But on the other, that constant access can become constant distraction, detaching us from real moments that matter.

As someone whose profession is to design new experiences with technology, I find this thought-provoking. It’s a current and widely-experienced example of something that has always been true of new technology: It has as much potential to have negative impact as positive. Which way it goes has always been more about the path that we put the technology on than the technology itself.

When I was asked to speak at TEDxGlasgow this year, I took the opportunity to explain how design can help. There are straightforward things that we can do to make sure that our technology brings out the best in us. Watch my talk below.

David Webster speaks at TEDxGlasgow.

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