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Hello, I’m Nico Ho

Experience Specialist, IDEO Tokyo


IDEO Tokyoのエクスペリエンス・スペシャリストを務めるニコは、食と人に深い関心を持ち、スタジオの職場文化とコミュニティ体験のデザインと向上に尽力している。



Nico is IDEO Tokyo’s Experience Specialist. He brings a deep interest in food and people to the design challenge of upholding and elevating workplace culture and community experience at our studio.

Prior to IDEO, Nico worked in brand communications and partnership development at Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo, bridging F&B businesses and hospitality brands with culinary education. He was also a key member helping launch Japan’s first higher education faculty in gastronomic studies.

Nico holds a BC in organisational psychology from McGill and is a classically trained chef. On his off hours, he can be found strolling the city in search of new eateries and on the slopes in the winter enjoying an onsen apres-ski.


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