Hello, I’m Kenichi Nonomura

Managing Director,IDEO Tokyo

野々村 健一

IDEO Tokyoの共同代表を務める。クリエイティビティとビジネスの橋渡しを務め、 そこから成功に繋がる変化とイノベーションを生み出すことに情熱を持つ。現在は、IDEO Tokyoの事業拡大と新規開拓に注力。企業がIDEOとのコラボレーションでさらに大きなインパクトを創出する方法も摸索中。ベンチャーのビジネスデザインにも熱心で、日本のスタートアップや起業家の支援も行う。



Kenichi is Co-Managing Director of IDEO. His focus is to bridge creativity with business, and using the combination to generate successful change and innovation. Currently, Kenichi’s focus is around growing and developing IDEO Tokyo’s business. Kenichi meets organizations every year to explore various ways that IDEO may collaborate with them to create greater impact. With a passion in venture design, Kenichi is also helping create new offerings to help startups and entrepreneurs in Japan.

Prior to joining IDEO, Kenichi worked as a Country Manager at Toyota Motor Corporation’s headquarters in Japan where he was in charge of Toyota’s product portfolio, pricing, supply and demand, and public relations in multiple Latin American countries.

Kenichi holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, US, and a BA in Policy Management from Keio University, Japan. A globe trotter, Kenichi has lived in London, New York, Boston, and Singapore.

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