Hello, I’m James Higgs

Executive Director, Digital Transformation,IDEO London

I design digital strategy and build digital products that help businesses deliver on every metric that counts: more satisfied customers, better profits, and happier people.

What you won't learn from my bio:

How much I love cycling. I’ve ridden up Alpe d’Huez five times, Mont Ventoux six-and-a-half times, and completed the Paris-Roubaix route.

Joined IDEO:


Full Bio

James gets fired up about the possibilities of digital transformation. He’s especially happy when he sees people smiling as they use the technology his teams build for them.

James has worked in client services for more than 20 years in industries from automotive to music, media, healthcare, video games, telecommunications, and education.

At the beginning of one project, his client’s traditional and digital teams were frustrated and sitting separately. The firm’s website received 250,000 unique users per month. By the time James’s team had finished, the traditional and digital teams were far happier, sitting side by side. And the website was receiving 16 million unique views per month.

Awards James has won include a IXDA Interaction Award, a D&AD Yellow Pencil, and a Webby.

James originally trained to be a professional oboist at Wells Cathedral School and Trinity College of Music London. When he realized he didn’t want to do that, he took a job in a meat processing factory. The role required the use of a computer, he wanted to understand how it worked—and so began his fascination with technology.

James is passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health issues. He speaks and blogs openly about the challenges he’s faced with depression. For James, the best ways to manage his depression are reading, cycling, and building awesome digital products and services.

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