Hello, I’m Chloé Keeble

Talent Lead,IDEO Tokyo


IDEO Tokyoでタレント・リードを務める。日本、スペイン、オーストラリア、韓国を行き来しながらキャリアを積んできたクロエは、IDEOのデザイナーが持つ多種多様な強みが創造的に、そして自信を持って花開くよう、包括的で魅力的な職場を作ることに強い情熱を持つ。



Chloé Keeble is IDEO Tokyo’s Talent Lead. Having lived between Japan, Spain, Australia and South Korea throughout her career, Chloé has a strong passion towards building an inclusive and engaging workforce that enables our diverse strengths to thrive creatively, and confidently.

With over 10 years in Human Resources working with retail giants such as Zara, Adidas and H&M, Chloé brings solid experience in designing innovative and strategic approaches across the entire people lifecycle: from recruitment, career development, right through to navigating L&D initiatives to support employee growth opportunities.

Chloé holds a Bachelor of International Studies from the University of New South Wales, and is continuing to pursue her love for design by currently undergoing a MSc in Digital Media Design at the University of Edinburgh. Outside of work, you’ll find Chloé swimming laps at the local pool, obsessing over Tokyo’s street typography or going to music festivals reminiscing about her once-upon-a-time rockstar days.

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