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The Challenge

Design a digital life insurance application experience that makes learning and purchasing quick and seamless for the middle market and Latino population.


ValoraLife, a first-of-its-kind digital life insurance buying experience that’s tailored to the needs of middle-market families.

Obtaining life insurance has always been an important step to help protect a family’s financial future, yet often the application process can seem time-consuming and complex. After interviewing families in Houston and across the country, MassMutual, one of the largest life insurance companies, discovered that a significant number of people thought life insurance was important, but that the application process was too complicated and they couldn’t afford it.

MassMutual, building on its 165-year legacy of leadership in the financial sector, approached IDEO with an idea for a new way to buy life insurance that would offer an easy, fast online experience and target the middle market, especially the Latino population. After more design research, MassMutual and IDEO created ValoraLife, a first-of-its-kind bilingual website that offers an affordable life insurance product that’s easy to understand. ValoraLife offers a quick application and approval process and is the first brand that provides a return of premium product feature available entirely online.

ValoraLife offers users the same, first-of-its-kind experience in both English and Spanish.

Designed with the user in mind, ValoraLife lets customers apply for and get a decision in about 30 minutes by selecting one of two options. As the result of extensive research, crucial details were added that speak to customers and streamline the site’s usability. For example, the team found that the current life insurance industry was not adequately reaching the middle-income-market consumer ($50,000 to $100,000), or addressing their needs in seeking information. They also learned that users wanted to get a quote on their mobile phone but would finish the application at a desktop, so they designed a fully responsive site to allow for going back and forth between the two.

Together, MassMutual and IDEO developed the brand direction, identity, and overall experience and execution side by side. They worked closely with the digital agency, Upstatement, which helped build the website, and the Latino Marketing Agency, MarketVision, which helped find the perfect name and design marketing materials for the brand. Each group brought something unique to the project, so the teams were focused on complementing the others’ strengths.

The brand identity is meant to be casual, friendly and warm—something not often felt or seen in the life insurance industry.

ValoraLife’s genuine, simple, and most of all human-centered life insurance purchasing tool launched in June 2016 in Texas, with plans to expand to other states. The potential impact is enormous: 70 percent of middle-market, bicultural Latino parents ages 35 to 44 are not currently protected by life insurance. ValoraLife hopes to expand life insurance access to this vital demographic, giving families what they value most, the ability to provide a financial safety net to help protect their future.

"IDEO created a stunning customer design-centric website that challenges conventional life insurance shopping," said Eric Hernandez, Director of Brand and Marketing for ValoraLife. "It is visually engaging, simple to navigate, and uber fast to complete the application online. Life insurance meets the 21st century."

Learn more about ValoraLife here.

The hand-lettered font gives the overall site a unique, welcoming and warm expression.

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